June 11, 2014

A Full Day

We had a super busy day today and luckily we got it all done without too much drama.

 After breakfast and a few inside chores to tidy up the house, we headed out to give the young cows and heifers some salt and mineral. They had a been out for a while and were so happy to have it!
 I knew the float on the small tank had a leak and needed switched, but forgot my water boots. I somehow managed to leap onto the small island and get the float changed. Some of my children take pretty good pictures!
 Then we headed down the sandy dirt road to town to sign some papers at a sale barn we take our cattle to. We also had to pick up some electric fencing supplies at The Ranch Expo. The kids were excited about this because they would get to look at fun booths and heavy equipment. We spent a couple hours walking around, and ended it with special twisty drinks. Maybe some day we'll own a nice trailer like this one.
 After that we met up with some friends, carefully backed the trailer up to their hay stack and loaded some small bales of hay into our horse trailer. Could've fit more, but we have only a small shed to store them in. We normally have round bales, but you can always use some small bales for odd things around here. Pigs for example... They can be odd, but cute and funny. :)
 To top off the errands we took our dog Badger to the groomers to get his hair cut short. He is a Border Collie.  If you live somewhere hot and humid it is the nicest thing you can do for your dog during the summer months. Then we spoiled him and went and got him a new dog pillow and some treats. He wasn't very happy while he was getting trimmed, but when the kids came in and started talking to him he started wagging his tail and calmed down. Best kids dog.
I knew it would be late, and it was nearly 8:00pm when we walked into the house to this scrumptious roast beef sandwich practically made. I put it in the crock pot before we left and after the long day we were all glad for it. You can find the recipe here.

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