June 24, 2014

Country Kids Pool Day

Our community pool opened this week. We went yesterday and had SO much fun that we invited some friends and went again today.

 It is complete with a diving board and a slide!

 Who needs one of those self flowing water slides when you've got a trusty friend willing to pour a bucket of water over your head...

It's kinda like a race really. The water is poured and you quickly follow it down! I was a little surprised how far they flew off the end.

We also had a cannon ball contest. There were many 
approaches. The confident approach...

The "I'm a little nervous," approach...

 And then there was the, "I changed my mind on the splash part," approach.

All in all everyone had a great day together. Who says there is nothing to do out here? Some day I'll write a post about the top 100 things to do in the middle of nowhere.

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