June 25, 2014

Peanut Butter Cups

We worked on a big cattle ranch in Montana the first few years of our marriage. There were four families that worked the ranch full time. We often got together to brand or ship calves and always had a meal. One gal brought these peanut butter cups that were so close to Reeses that I had to have the recipe. She was very reluctant to give it to me, must've been a family secret. I've never understood why people don't give out recipes, but she finally gave in, so here it is.

2 cups peanut butter (1 small jar)
2 cups confectioners sugar
2 cups crushed graham crackers (12 whole crackers)
3/4  cup melted butter
16 ounces chocolate chips

 Add the first four ingredients to you mixer in no particular order.

 Mix well.

 My computer won't load this picture, but pour the mixture into a 9 by 13 pan and sprinkle the chocolate chips on top. Then place in a warm oven only to melt the chocolate chips. Remove from oven and use a spoon to spread the chocolate over the peanut butter mixture. Let it cool on counter, then place in refrigerator to help set up.

Very addicting.

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