July 10, 2014

Caramel Popcorn

I don't make popcorn balls. They remind me of Halloween. Even though I LOVE Halloween... popcorn balls, not so much. But I do love caramel popcorn. What's the difference you may ask. This is the difference. First you have caramel, pronounced car-mel. THEN you have caramel, pronounced care-a-mel. Oh I LOVE care a mel!
 So make yourself some care a mel popcorn, and taste the difference.

16-20 cups of popped popcorn, depending on how much care a mel you like.
1/2 cup cold butter (1 stick)
2 cups brown sugar
1cup white corn syrup
1 15 ounce can of sweetened condensed milk
A clear cup of ice cold water to test the firmness of the care a mel.

Pop the popcorn, remove kernels, set aside.

Take the cube of cold butter and coat the sides of a medium sized heavy pan. Then let it melt over medium heat.

Add the brown sugar and corn syrup. Mix well, stirring constantly. Do not scrape the sides of the pan.

When it starts to boil add the sweetened condensed milk. Keep stirring. Bring it back up to a boil.

Boil for 3-5 minutes, checking in the ice water for a "soft ball". This is the consistency your care a mel will be after it cools down. Decide how firm you want it. 

Take a spoon and remove from water to test the firmness if you like. I don't like my teeth being jerked out, nor do I like it so runny you can't handle it. This is good, still a little sticky to hold, but worth it! Then pour it from the pan directly on the popped popcorn. Stir well to coat all the popcorn.

Now pour out onto a cookie sheet to cool. Seriously, you have to let it cool down because it's super hot. After that it goes like hot cakes!

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