July 12, 2014

Don't Put up with Wasted Space in Your Home

I live in a small house. So when there is an area that collects junk, and is wasted space, it becomes a pet peeve. This was my wasted space. It was part of my old kitchen that wasn't even in the kitchen. The cupboards were full of notebooks, coloring books, crayons, and everything else. The desk was not useful since the lighting was bad for reading or school work. The cupboard hung out into walking space and it was just a space I really didn't like in my home. So when my husband's parents came to visit for a week, I enlisted my builder of a father in law to help me with this idea I had that would be much more functional and something that our family could use.

So we tore everything out, measured and went to town for supplies. Then we got to work, well he did most of it.

I really wanted pine bead board, but couldn't get my hands on any, so my father in law improvised by nailing each one of these boards individually into the wall. And after I saw it, I knew it fit my house better anyways.

I didn't get pictures of everything he did. Here is the finished project, complete with borrowed kids toys! This is much more functional than that clunky cupboard. I wanted a space where the kids could put their backpacks, school shoes and nice coats or sweatshirts. The phone jack was there too, so we put in some small shelves for the phone, and my mother in law had a wonderful idea for the phone book! No more lost phone books around here. Can you see it? I LOVE this area now, and it takes away from some of the clutter in my small mud room. Don't put up with wasted space, turn it into something useful. If you own your house, you can do anything you want. It adds personality and turns a house into a home.

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