July 2, 2014

Kids Cattle Drive

Grandma and Grandpa Orton came to visit us and brought a couple of cousins to play with our kids. I decided to let the kids move the cows today. I mean I let them do it all! I gave a detailed explanation of where we needed to take them, how to get there and where we did NOT want them to go. It took a lot of restraint on my part, but the cows got moved without too much hassle and we didn't have any wrecks.
Here are the cows hanging out before we start the move.

The kids in the distance on their horses, waiting for me to give the word.

And they get started.

Here's the peanut gallery. We stayed back and let them have at it.

Not quite where I wanted them, but they didn't go through the electric fence- which made my day.

Getting them started through the gate. My daughter rushes ahead to turn them so they don't go down the canyon.

Some cattle started down the canyon but we got them. I hoofed it.  Pushing them out of the trees and back to the fence line.

On track once more - to the water tank.

Our "Man Fence".

Here's the cowboys and cowgirls! They did a good job, I'm so proud of them!

 photo summersigyellow2_zpsf38de9a2.jpg

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