July 30, 2014

Potato Bugs

When I plant my garden, I do it with the intentions of preserving most of that food to last me a year. So when critters large or small come along and start ruining my quest, that upsets me. Potato bugs are one of those nasty pests that will destroy your crop in a few weeks if not taken care of it. Some people go through and pick them off one at a time. Some throw them in a bottle and let them die. I squish them. It's gross, but that's what I do. Last year I didn't do the best job and my crop was not near as big as I'd hoped. We had potatoes until April. With everything I have going on I decided to put an insecticide on them. Just one application to see if I could get control of them. They've already gotten to some of them, but hopefully they can recover.
This is what they look like as full grown adults. You can see where this nasty is destroying the leaves.

Here's one at a younger age, before it gets the hard shell. Much easier to squish at this stage... Beware if you don't have gloves, your hands will be orange.

You can see how much damage they've already done. I've been squishing close to a hundred bugs every day and they're not letting up! That's why I got desperate.

This is what I decided to put on them. I think you can find something organic, but I couldn't. I also used it on my cabbage and brussel sprouts because the moth completely took all of them last year.
Lightly dust the leaves. Wait a couple days before sprinkler irrigation so you don't wash it off.

You can't eat the potatoes until two weeks after application. Cabbage and other vegetables are listed on the label. 
I decided I'd better dig some before applying it, so we'd have some spuds for a week or so. I think they're looking pretty good for this time of year.

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