July 9, 2014

Saving the Garden

With all the work I've been doing around the ranch my garden has been neglected. The weeds were taking over pretty bad. I told the kids we were going to weed the entire garden if it took us all day. That's exactly what we did. It only took us all morning though, because we are blessed to have a nice rear tined roto-tiller. We did have to save the beans and peas by hand because they were nearly drowning.

Here are the before pictures. You can't even tell that those are peas between all the grass!

This is one of my most favorite sites in the whole world. My kids happily weeding the garden, not fighting, not complaining, just working. Deep down I know they like it!

This is how some of us cool off. You'd be amazed at how a cold hat on your head keeps you from over heating on a hot humid day.

This roto tiller does the hard work and literally saves our garden sometimes. If you plan on getting one, the rear tined ones are more aggressive, get deeper, and I think they are easier to handle. They are a bit more expensive, but this is one of those things you get what you pay for. That's one lesson I've learned the hard way. I always thought cheaper was better, but it's not true. If you want to buy something once, that will last, pay the extra money up front instead of buying another one to replace it, which costs you more in the long run.

Here is the after picture. Hooray! There are still a few weeds up close to some plants that we'll have to do by hand. That small row is my carrots. I've had the hardest time getting them to grow in this soil. A neighbor told me what she does. After planting the tiny seeds she puts a board over top of them so they don't wash or blow away. After a few days or even a week she takes the board off to see if they've germinated. I left the boards on both sides of them so I knew where they were, and decided to leave them to keep the weeds down. The row is short because not all of them survived. This time I won't let the weeds get out of hand, no matter how much I have going on with the kids, house, and ranch. A row a day keeps the weeds away, right? Happy gardening!

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  1. Beautiful garden! Hope I can get a big one next year.


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