August 12, 2014

Enjoying the Last Day of Summer Vacation

Well it's finally here. The end of Summer Vacation. Usually I'm ready for the kiddos to go back to school, have a schedule, be on a routine. Not this year. I've kinda gotten used to getting the kids to bed when they finally come in because the mosquitos are biting. I've enjoyed sleeping past seven because little bodies are tired from playing in the dirt and with toads. I've loved the memories we've made this summer on the ranch. Kinda bitter sweet. Which makes today even better. We've been meaning to get together with some friends and both of our families have been so busy all summer. Today was the day, and we spent it on the water. First we had a small bar-b-que, did some fishing, and then some water games. Another great memory of the Summer of 2014. Thank you friends!

About 100 years ago someone got the idea to try and generate electricity from this river. They built this dam that is no longer in use. Really cool, kinda scary with little kids. Ha ha, look at that long worm my husband has! I hope he remembered to spit on it like Grandpa Schiess taught us!

The older kids below the dam, looking for that "big lunker". And getting their fishing poles caught in tree limbs.
This is cool, one of the wheels to open up the gates. It's very rusted over and doesn't work any more.
Very fun and cozy cabin on the lake. Our friends take care of it for a doctor that enjoys the property for hunting and playing in the water. I could live there.

 My little dare devil, not afraid of anything, waving at us while the other wants off.

 Then it was my turn on the tube. Thank goodness there are no pictures. I was very clear that I didn't want to go on a crazy, throw me off the tube kind of ride. I've been told that women should not drop hints to their husbands, just come right out and say what you mean, what you want, right? Well it doesn't work for me. The ride started out with me losing my favorite hat. Luckily one of the kids paddled out and got it before it sank or went over the edge. It's all a blur from there. Too scared to scream, to mad to tell him to go back, all energy focused on not falling off. It reminded me of being a kid on a saucer sled being pulled behind a snowmobile when the snow was hard and crusty. When you go around corners, you just keep going and going, faster and faster. The only difference on the water is if you keep going in circles the waves start getting bigger, and crashing into each other as you go over them. Thinking about it now, I wish I would've fallen off, maybe then he would've realized what a crazy ride I was having. I could've done the dead man's float and really scared him... next time! Don't get mad... get even.

Another Summer Vacation in the books. 
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