September 29, 2014

Family Time - Checking Cattle

If a couple of us ride double we have just enough horses to ride all together and check cows as a family. So far it's been a success with no one falling off. We'll need another horse or two next year for sure.
Our neighbor has a canyon pasture bordering ours and he's had a few sick calves this fall. We thought we'd better get a good look at our cattle and make sure they were all healthy. The best way to do this is horseback. Although the brush is thick and we had to get off and walk a couple times, horses can go places four-wheelers can't. Plus who wouldn't enjoy a Saturday morning horseback?

 I don't know how the kids ever spotted this little guy, but he didn't even spook when the water from the creek splashed all over him when we walked by. I guess they know when they're  in their camouflage.
It's nearing the end of the grazing season, so the cows are spreading out. We covered all corners of the pasture. It took us longer than we thought.

 We were all happy to see this apple tree, just in time for lunch. Mother Nature provides lunch today!
 It took a little work and balance to get some of them.
 Yep, apples make hungry kids happy! It was a good thing too, because we still had another group of cows to check.
 Oops, hate it when that happens... They weren't hungry enough to pick up the one in the cow pie. Although Rowdy looks like he wouldn't mind it.
We rode on a while longer then got off to move a salt and mineral tub, and stretch our legs. Here is the Ranch Hand lying down on the job! It's a good thing I'M the boss around here. (He he, I have to get him for commenting in MY name about the medical dart gun Santa is going to get me for Christmas.)
 There were turkey's around, and we got the feathers to prove it!
 It was way after noon when we found the cows shaded up in the cedar trees.
 Nothing is a more welcome sight to small children that have been riding behind a saddle for four hours than that truck and trailer. It's good for them though. It teaches them it's ok to be uncomfortable for a while sometimes, and they appreciate the small things in life. When we get to do things like this it's like a little glimpse of heaven on earth. And there were no sick cattle to boot!

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