September 22, 2014

Hermit Hideaway

 I take my camera everywhere I go these days, just in case something of excitement or something terrible happens. Today it was somewhere in between the two when I found the cows had broken down an old corral fence and gotten into the owner's yard on the property we are leasing. I knew I had to get the cows out and fix the fence. Then I decided I'd better look around... just to make sure they didn't ruin anything on the property. This was the chance I'd been waiting for to explore this great hunter's getaway property, or what would be an awesome hermit hideaway for my dad, or myself for that matter. Here they are INSIDE the fence when they are suppose to be OUTSIDE it. Luckily there were only a few so far.
Yep, this is where they broke the old corrals down. I didn't know if the owner was trying to leave it as old and natural as he could, so I wasn't sure how I should fix the hole in the fences. I didn't want to take away from the rustic view one might enjoy, but had to keep the cows from getting back in.

I got the cows out and fixed the fence. Then I turned to see them standing at the cattle guard and laughed out loud. They looked so longingly at the other side of the fence I'd just kicked them out of.
I'm hoping this fix just lasts the night, and I can go back with some supplies to give it a more permanent fix, but still maintain the wooden corrals look. Ya, it looks terrible and probably won't keep them out. They could actually break it down in many other spots if they got to pushing on it. This was just a slight deterrent.
 I drove out of the old corrals and took a picture of the barn. Then decided maybe I'd better check the barn.... just to make sure they didn't go in there....

 We are in the planning and drafting stages of building a barn so I thought I could get some ideas from the old timers.

 Better make sure they didn't go up in the loft either....

 Awesome. This was fun, and I really needed it. A break from real life and a time to glance back into another.

 The main barn door was locked, but a few windows were broken out. I wasn't tall enough to look through them, but holding my camera up I was able to snap a picture.
 Not anything cool left by the old rancher, but plenty of things hunters enjoy.
 That was neat. I was driving around making sure all the fences were in good order and couldn't help but peek around a little more.
 Cute little old house with a screened in porch. Perfect for summer nights, listening to the crickets and the creek. I love the mail box. I KNOW that is not part of the original homestead.

 I just fell in love with this little house and thought, "My dad just has to live here!" He would be in heaven. Looks like I better start playing the Lottery.
A small storage shed behind the house, and what's that I see there? A door in the ground? We had someone put a root cellar in for us, that well, isn't working at the moment. I HAD to check this out.
Then from the 4-wheeler my three year old says, "That's spooky." And all of the sudden it did become spooky.
 But I had to know! I had to see what was in this root cellar.

 I opened the door and peeked inside without going in. Old paint and different stains and things of that sort. Then I had the strangest feeling of dejavoo. Weird, but cool.
 On to the bunk house. I had to make sure no cows bothered that! You can see a sneaky cow stretching under the bottom wire to get the grass on the other side.
 I've always been fascinated with windmills. This one is particularly intriguing because it is made from wood. It's not like the stock tank windmills.
 The spout is different, looks like a place to fetch house water to me. Plus there is a creek just down the road where the animals drink. This is disconnected and off the well.
  It's covered up with an old door. I looked inside expecting to peer down into the darkness, throw a rock and hear a splash, but it's not that kind of well. It went down about five feet, then there was a large plastic pipe that went down into the ground is all. 
Why is this so inviting to me? When I was a kid I wished I could've been one of the old cowboys that stayed in the bunk house after a long day working cattle. Now I think I'll just take my warm bed.
The door was locked and the windows were dirty. I did my best to get a good shot of inside life. This is where the mighty hunter must let his buddies stay when they come for a visit.
 Nothing a little brooming won't fix.
It's a good thing we all don't like the same things. Then everyone would want this little hidden home. Some would rather be on a beach, or at a ski resort, but this is where I love to be. Where is this hidden paradise, you may ask? Well it's here, somewhere in this canyon in the middle of nowhere. Colors are changing, there's a coolness in the air. It's definitely Fall.
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  1. I LOVED these pictures! So cool! What a fun time to explore! Dad would totally love this place. - Brooke


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