September 4, 2014

Moving Cattle to Fall Pasture

It was a perfect Friday after school to move our cows with some friends. The day started out beautiful. In fact right after I took this picture and someone felt a raindrop I said out loud to my friend, "I could go for a little rain, it's hot!" Only minutes later we were in a down pour with wind and hail. 

Four adults and six kids under the age of eleven, all on horses. The three to five year olds were getting pretty worried so it was decided that I'd race into the storm with my horse, back to the truck and trailers to come pick them up. Poor Salty didn't want to leave everyone else, let alone run face first into the pelting rain. Neither did I, but my sunglasses helped protect my eyes and keep my contacts from floating away. When I finally reached the trucks, both were filled with at least an inch of standing water, on the floor, the seats, the dash, everywhere. I rolled the windows up, hopped in one truck and sped down the drive to find my friend with the little kids huddled behind a tree under a saddle blanket, shivering. By the time we got them and the horses loaded, the worst of the storm was behind us. 
Meanwhile the older kids and their dad's braved the storm with the cattle and made it home.

That next Monday the kids were out of school for Labor Day so it was perfect for moving the cows from home, to their Fall pasture in the canyon bordering our other cows. It was just our family this time, quite a few obstacles to overcome so the cows didn't run into corn fields or on a nice yard, so we were counting on our older kids to step up to the plate and show us they know how to handle cattle. That's just what they did. This is what it's all about. This is why we've chased this dream. I did fall into a shallow irrigation ditch, but only got wet. It was actually kind of funny. Have you ever thought you were on the bottom step, but surprised when you fell farther than you thought you would? It was kinda like that. I went to jump the ditch, not being as nimble as I used to be and the grass being tall I couldn't see exactly where the edge was. Then I disappeared out of sight. I got up smiling because it must've been funny, although no one laughed at poor Mom. Our older son did come off his horse but got back on without being too hurt. Our kids did awesome, nothing got away and we made it safely to the canyon, down to the creek and watched those happy cows eat tall green grass.  I'll let you look at the pictures now. 
This was leaving the home place.

I love this picture of the older kids.

This has been the dream, even though we're still working on it, we've learned that we HAVE accomplished a lot and we need to enjoy it. Hard to believe that almost three years ago we started out with 22 cows. Now we're at 104. We're gonna keep building this thing up! Reach for your dreams, then enjoy them!

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