September 17, 2014


What a blessing good neighbors are. We have some friends on a neighboring ranch that have a small fruit orchard with pears and apples. They said I could go pick as many as I wanted. I filled up a box and decided I didn't want to overload myself for one day. Besides I could leave them on the trees and come back for more another day. Beautiful pears. Some day I hope my fruit trees will grow up and produce fruit like this.

 If you've read my previous posts about canning fruit, then this will be a cinch. The most tedious part about canning pears is the peeling and coring. Put on a good cd and get to it. Don't forget to place the peeled pears in water that has fruit preserver mixed in it so your fruit doesn't turn brown. Prepare your jars with hot water and get your lids warming up. Turn the heat on your hot water bath canner. Prepare your syrup, you can find recipes for light to heavy syrups here.
 Place pears in hot jars, ladle the syrup on top, wipe rims, add lids and rings. Place in the hot water bath canner. When full lower into the water. Be sure all jars are covered by at least an inch of water. Bring to a boil and start your timer. Process quarts for 20 minutes.
 I also made pear sauce that day. You prepare the pears just the same, however instead of placing them whole in the jars, put them in the blender and then into a pot to get hot. I also add a few shakes of the fruit preserver to the sauce. Ladle the sauce into jars and follow the previous steps with the lids and rings. Process pints of pear sauce for 20 minutes.

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