October 29, 2014

Taking Bulls to Town

It was cold this morning.... And I was happy. I was happy because even though the water all over the ranch had a half inch of ice, these new waterers didn't even have a skim of ice on them. They are working! Now if we can get building on this barn and the new corrals things will start coming together.

A few weeks back the neighbor called saying one of our bulls had jumped the fence and was out trying to breed some of their cows. I got my horse and was able to get him back to a pasture that wasn't bordering theirs. She came by later and said her husband noticed that the bull was trying to breed cows but wasn't getting the job done. You may not want details, but hey this is life people. This bull has been cork screwed at times and now he couldn't keep it up. Then she called me the other day saying that a cow he'd bred was back in heat. Needless to say the bull is done and it was time to get rid of him. We bought another bull that same year that didn't grow like he should have. His calves seem smaller and don't really put on the weight. Plus he get's a wort in a bad spot every year that has to be cut off prior to the breeding season. We decided to haul them both to town.
 I got the trailer hooked up and drove around to the ally where you can back the trailer up and load cattle out. When I got there I realized that our wonderful corral outline and our new waterers will be great when we actually get the corrals built, but for now using the existing corral setup the waterer and a bunch of dirt was right in my spot. I was going to have to back in on a diagonal in a small area. Backing up trailers is a learned skill. I'm proud to say that I'm finally getting the hang of it! :) I backed right in there on the first try! Then I called up the Ranch Hand and left him a message about what an awesome "backer upper" wife he had.... :) Take joy in the small things right?

When I got in the corrals and took this picture it really hit me why there isn't much uniformity in our calves.  I realized getting rid of the two of them was the right thing to do.  They aren't standing side by side, so it's even more deceiving, but there is a size difference.

Our bulls are not mean vicious things and they loaded real easy. I was kinda sad to see them go. I keep reminding myself this is a business and we have to make good business decisions to make this place profitable.
 These are the bulls we kept. We just got them this spring and are really excited about their calves. They are half brothers out of Julian 84S bull. Everyone we've talked to about these bulls say we will love their daughters. Since we are just getting our herd started that's exactly what we need. Next Spring we will be in the market for three more bulls as our herd is growing, and that's a good thing!

This is their daddy! A lot has been said about this bull. You can visit THIS website to learn more.

We are turning new pages all the time on this ranch. We are learning more and more about how to be more efficient and raise the kind of cattle the buyer is looking for these days. Bulls have a huge impact on a herd, so overall we are looking forward to better females and higher weaning weights on our calves.

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