November 12, 2014

Building the Barn Part 3

It has been way too long since we had time to work on the barn. Reality was setting in and we knew there was no way we could get this thing built this winter before calving season. So we called for reinforcements. Luckily we found someone just as particular as the Ranch Hand that was willing to work with us on an hourly basis and just do the things we didn't have time to do during the week, and to work with the Ranch Hand so I could catch up on domestic duties.
Wow, it seams like such a long ways to go when you're just getting the very first post in the ground.
That's how it goes, one at a time until you've gotten many. Yep, those are pumpkins one of my pumpkins brought over from the garden where we were harvesting the potatoes. They had to come out too or they'd be frozen in the ground in a few days.
 Then we let the kids do some digging.
With the freezing cold temperatures on the way we knew we had to get all the posts in the ground in just a couple days.
The Ranch Hand and I stayed up until 11PM one night just finishing leveling and bracing all the posts.
These are ALL the posts the barn requires, in the ground, level, square, and braced. This is good because it is so cold outside there's no way those holes could've been dug this week. Hooray, we're gonna have a building here!

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