November 30, 2014

Building the Barn Part 4

We finally had some good weather and the time to put in some work on the barn this week. This is the first truss to go up. We rented the telahandler for two days and got a lot of the high work done. We will need it for one more day and hopefully we can finish the roofing. I took a lot of pictures of this first one going up because it was so cool to see this machine lift this thing into place!

Not much two boys can do at this point but watch.
Nailing in the perlins. These are the boards in between the rafters that give something for the roofing to be nailed to.
They ended up getting all the trusses up and all the perlins in, in two days,minus the perlins in the loft area. Great work for the week! The goal is to get it up by Christmas.

With my computer out of commission I am learning how to blog from an iPad, so please be patient with me and this advanced technology!


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