November 13, 2014

Moving On After Mistakes

We all make mistakes. We just do because we're human. The trick, and the tuff part is moving on from those mistakes. We can't take ourselves too seriously and beat ourselves up, at least not for too long. Beat yourself up just enough to learn from it, fix it, and not repeat it. This is a life skill I tried to put in practice this morning when I showed up to check the cow's water and I came upon this:

 Maybe you can't tell from the picture because I was so upset I went to breaking the ice before I took the pic. I didn't even want to share this but remembered somewhere in my very first post I said something about sharing the good and the bad. You need to know that I have bad days too.
Something had gone wrong, and my water tank was overflowing. Ice was everywhere, along the sides of the tank and all around it. I knew my hose was froze. A part of me wanted to throw in the towel, go home and call the Ranch Hand to vent. Then I remembered how far that usually gets me. Ya, about from 
HERE* to THERE*. So I thought WWTRHD? (That's an acronym for What Would The Ranch Hand Do? I just made it up. :) ) He would fix it. How? He'd get the ice out of the hose so the water could flow freely. I went home to gather some tools. I tried to get as many tools I thought I'd need so I didn't have to keep going back and forth. I decided to cut the hose off since I couldn't get it to budge.
Yep, solid ice. The hose is pretty long. I decided to cut it in half, about where I thought the ice started, hoping I could use the end that didn't appear to have ice.
I decided to silicone the inside while I was at it. Sticky goopy stuff doesn't set up in zero degree temperatures.
 This is where my frustrations really began. I re-hooked up the new hose, tightened it down and filled the tank... No water came out the hose. There was ice in it too. I tried crinkling the hose to break the pieces up. I tried heating up the hose with the torch to melt the ice. NADA. I cut the hose off again. I banged on it with a brick, crinkled it, heated it with the torch and dumped out some ice. It felt lighter than before so I put it back on again, tightened it down and waited for the water.... No water. WTH! Seriously? There was still ice in the hose?! I cut it off once more. Picked up the hose, thew it in the front dash of my truck and turned the heat on as high as it would go. Soon water was dripping, so I threw it outside and dumped it out. Little pieces of ice cubes came tumbling out.
 I put the hose back on, tightened it down and waited for water to flow... I am not kidding, no water came out. Beyond frustration I cut the hose off once more. I took it and slammed it on the ground over and over. Yes because I was mad at it, and also to break up the ice! I put the hose back on for the fourth time and waited impatiently for the water to run out the end...... wait for it... it came out at a trickle, then a good flow. Oh what a relief it was! 
 Now to fix the hose so it has good slope to keep the water running freely out. No dips, no valleys, nowhere for ice to accumulate. Another thing I did was turn the hydrant on a little higher to keep more water flowing, rather than less. More movement equals less icing.
 Mistakes are inevitable. We make silly mistakes, small ones, and big ones too. This was a long hard lesson for me. It took me all morning to fix something that could have been prevented the day I put it in. The important thing is that I went to work to fix it. I didn't throw in the towel, even though I wanted to on numerous occasions! Drink water cows, drink water. You have no idea what I've done for you... I hope you love me...   :)

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