November 12, 2014

No More Chopping Ice!

After chopping tons of ice last winter I was determined to do something different this year. The Ranch Hand built me an overflow on one big stock tank last year, but the cows aren't always in that pasture. I decided I would put one in another tank.

Without a photographer around and the temperature in the single digits there aren't many photos. This is just a picture of the drill I was using. I drilled the hole at the top though, not the bottom. It was too hard to take a pictures of myself drilling the hole!
I did chop the ice so the curious cows could come get a drink while I worked. You can see the fitting I put in the tank, on the other side there is a spout and then I attached a long hose to it so the water could flow out onto the alfalfa field and not back around the tank. We don't want the cows walking and slipping on ice. I also added some hose on the spout of the hydrant because it will be left on at a trickle, and the wind would just blow it around. Everything would continue to freeze without the constant water moving in and out of the tank.
A few tools I used. Propane tank and striker to heat up the hose so it would fit over the spout, clamps and a nut driver to tighten the clamps. Not so difficult except that the wind was blowing and I couldn't get the torch to light. I did the best I could fitting the hose over the spout. It wasn't on completely, but wasn't leaking so I could live with it. However there was a  tiny trickling leak around the fitting. I will have to come back and put some silicone around it when it's not so blasted cold. Until then a little leak that doesn't flow around the tank will be ok for the week. Although it does bug me not to do it right- the way I wanted it done.

Here it is first thing this morning. A little ice around the edges, but just enough movement in the tank to keep it from freezing over. Mission accomplished! No more ice chopping for me! More time for bon bons and watching TV. Ha ha! If you really believe this leave me a comment!


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