November 2, 2014

Obama Completely Wrong About Stay At Home Moms

There have been an overabundance of reasons I have been upset with President Obama. But when he came out publicly and criticized stay at home moms, that was crossing the line. When I say don't cross this line I mean it. You will now hear  my full opinion on the subject.

For those who have not yet heard or read the Presiden't's recent statement, here is a recap:

Sometimes, someone, usually mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. And that’s not a choice we want Americans to make.
This is coming from a President that promised to unite our country. He has done more to divide our country than anyone or anything ever has. He has pitted race against race, women against men, and now he's made a statement that pits women against women.

He then goes on to talk about enrolling 6 million children in quality government pre-school. Subsidized health care, subsidized pre-school, what's next? Really.

The worst thing America has done and can continue to do is take mothers out of the home while children are learning, growing, and developing into responsible adults. At least that's the idea. What has happened to society that thinks ANY job is more worth while than raising our children? Our children are the next generation of this country. The family is the fundamental unit of society. The direction of this country has a lot to do with their values and standards. Who better to guide, direct and teach them than parents, a mom and a dad,  more specifically mothers, who have been raised to be responsible adults and hope their children grow up to contribute to society, not take away from it? That right there is more important than ANY other job.

David O. Mckay, a former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints said this:

"No other success can compensate for failure in the home."

Think about it. Is there ANYTHING you can do that would make you feel so great, but at the same time shortchange your kids? Parents don't do that to their children.

Women who are in special circumstances may have to leave the home to find work to support their families. There are times when women play a huge, valuable role in the workforce, don't misread me. I find myself in that situation right now. The only difference is that I have the ability to take my kids to work with me on our ranch. That could possibly be even harder than leaving your kids at day care. But you know what? My husband and I would give up our dream of owning our own cattle ranch if it meant that our kids had to be raised by someone else. Being a parent means putting others needs before your own for the betterment of society as a whole. It's called being unselfish. That is what improves society, not sending more and more women into the work field.

For many years women who stay at home with the children have been made to feel less important, not as smart, and all around degraded for raising the next generation of this country with values and standards. Think about this logically. Why would you take our biggest asset- mothers, away from our next biggest asset- children, the future of our country? Think of all the skills stay at home mothers possess and how much they contribute to society because they chose the occupation of "Taking Care of EVERYTHING?" They are the biggest most versatile contribution to our society. Show me another group of people that sacrifice their own wants and needs to care for others by cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, raising food, schoolwork, driving them to various locations, sewing, doing science projects, earning eagle scout awards, teaching musical instruments, teaching moral values, discipline, hard work, love, kindness, how to care for others, how to care for animals, how to treat others, respect, creativity, craftiness, money managing and so many other skills. And those skills just fall under "mother". Most are fully active in their community and church! It would be a disaster to take mothers out of homes! It would be like taking teachers out of the classroom, the rancher off the ranch, the preacher out of the church. Someone must be there to do these things!

The other morning I sat in my car cutting out paper ghosts to attach to drink pouches for a kindergarten class Halloween party. I didn't get it done the night before and live too far from town to make extra trips in. As I sat there cutting ghosts I had to fight back the tears of despair I felt welling up in my eyes. In the world's eyes I was probably a failure. Even though I had done many many things on the ranch and in the home the day before, I felt like it wasn't enough, like it's never enough. When I got home my husband was still there and the phone rang. It was the company he worked for. They wanted to write an article about him, how he does what he does, and what makes him successful. Without my consent he told them he didn't want it to be about him. He wanted it to be about me. I was shocked and shook my head in horror. What could possibly be said about me? He continued to tell the person on the phone that without me he couldn't do what he does. Someone has to be at home to hold down the fort, take care of the kids and the animals. That's what a family is about. Working together to make it work. Luckily I talked him into letting them write the article about both of us and how we both have to work hard to be successful. The only reason I mention this is because this is the kind of feedback women need put into their minds. They don't need someone telling them to get out there into the workforce and make an impact on a company. They don't need someone telling them they're not making as much money as men, and that they are just as good at what men do. They need to be told that what they ARE doing is enough. What they are doing is important, so important. More important than all that other fluff, for that's what it is. Be yourself women. Do what God inherently put in you to do- take care of things and make everything alright. Calm the storms of life that take joy away from living- like people who degrade you for being you. You are where you were meant to be. Hold your heads high and be what's in your heart. In the words of a Hilary Weeks song:

"I may be one
But one becomes two
When you stand with me
And I stand with you

As we unite
Our cause it great
We're not just the candle
We are the flame

I will stand I will not fall
In a world that is weak I will be strong
I'll be true I will choose His way
I know what's right and I will not change
In a world where so many will not
I will"

The future of America is in the family unit. I am proudly a stay at home mom, in a world where so many will not, I WILL.

The purpose of this post is not to put stay at home moms above women who are in the workforce. But simply to put value in what they do. The last thing we need is the leader of our country ranking us in importance according to the value he puts on our occupations.


  1. Nicely said Summer. You do a great job taking care of everything. Truly Amazing. I would love to stay home with my kiddos and have a working ranch. Your kids will benefit greatly from your choices. Keep up the Amazing job your are doing and remember how great you really are!

    1. Thank you Gena! I have so much respect for what you do as a mom and a protector of our community. We just need to remind each other and other women of their worth more often!


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