November 1, 2014

The Fall Gather

Well it's finally that time of year. Time to bring the cows home from pasture, wean the calves, sell and ship them, and get that once a year paycheck ranchers work for all year.
Our cows have been in two different groups most of the year. The past few weeks they've all been together though in one canyon pasture. The older kids have been with us when we've moved the two groups individually, but with them in school we'd have to do it just the two of us and a three year old. It was a cold windy day. The neighbor was picking corn and offered to take the three year old so we could get the cows home without worrying about him staying on his horse or getting cold. That was much appreciated, and it took longer than we thought, (it usually does), so they picked the older kids up from school for us too. These neighbors have become such good friends to us, offering to watch the place so we can go visit family or take company trips, pick the kids up, or watch them every now and then. We try not to rely on them too much, and whenever I bake treats the kids love delivering some to them. Great people!
So we dropped the little boy off and headed out.

Some cattle were gathered at the windmill and the gate, but most were scattered throughout. 

We carefully combed all wooded areas and ravines, looking for everything. It 's not an easy task trying to find almost 200 animals in a thick canyon pasture. But we got them all!

That's me on my horse turning them eastward.
We string them out on a fence line while the Ranch Hand gets a good count.
All our cattle. "Home again, home again, jiggety, jig!"

Back on home pastures. 

On days like these I look at what we've done and all we've accomplished. I remember all the sacrifices and hard work we've put in, and still put in every day. There are days I'm so utterly exhausted I think I can't do even one more thing. And then I do. It's amazing what you can do once you believe in yourself. Just keep on keepin' on!

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