December 16, 2014

Girls' Bedroom Makeover

We finished our kitchen renovation last Spring and the girls have been begging me to re-do their room. One is a preteen while the other is in Kindergarten. Kind of an age span, but I figured we could get by doing something a little grown up. The older has been into the chevron stripes for a while and asked if there was any way I could do something like that. I was like, " Who, me? Miss Uncreative? But for you, I will try." I watched videos and looked up tutorials, saw how easy it could be if you did it right, and decided I could do this. This is their room before.
The first thing I did was paint the upper trim. I plan on doing this to the whole house eventually. And I tore the trim off the doors and floor.
Then I painted two opposite walls gray, and the other two blue. Let the paint cure for a few days and the tape will be less likely to peel. One afternoon while I was feeding the crew that was helping build the barn I asked if they could spare 15 minutes to make a grid for me on the one gray wall. The Ranch Hand agreed and away they went, saved me soooo much time and headache. Plus I knew they would do it right, and this is the most critical part of the chevron stripes. I had them make me an 8" by 10" rectangular grid. They measured and used a chalk line.


Now for the taping. Corner to corner. One side you will paint, the other stays the base color. When you start taping you can tell which side of the tape goes directly in the corner, and which side doesn't have to be perfect, but the other does. Obviously the one you are painting needs to be the perfect one.
This takes a lot of time. But it will turn out so cute!


Do your painting with a roller, and let it dry well. Peel the tape, and paint over the chalk lines. You will probably have to do some touching up. I used a small foam brush.
I found this bedding a couple months back on clearance. The girls loved it and we based the room colors around it. Don't be afraid of chevron stripes! I was, and they take a lot of time, but definitely do-able!
Now the boys are jealous and surely they will talk me into something crazy! Now I have the confidence, I will tackle just about anything!



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