January 21, 2015

Hauling Hay

Every year we have to buy hay to get our cows through the winter. We have 40 acres of dry land hay, but that's hardly enough for over 100 cows, plus bulls and horses. Right now hay is pretty cheap, especially if we haul it ourselves. We've already gotten some from a neighbor close by, but we need to make seven more loads with our 32 foot flatbed trailer that holds 14 round bales. The Ranch Hand has made two trips and now it's my turn this week. I've never actually done this part of hauling the hay. I mean I've hauled it off our fields, but not long distances or on the highway. A 32 foot trailer is pretty long, and that stack of bales is pretty high. I was a little intimidated to do it the first time, but made it through unscathed.

I love shadows. The sun had just popped up and I kept seeing the shadow of the truck and flat bed as we drove by different farm buildings, so I had to try to get a shot. A little blurry, but I thought it was pretty cool!

Here you can see the Little Ranch Hand trying to escape while I take a picture while this old timer loads the trailer.

It went pretty smoothly, except that I knocked one bale off the trailer while unloading bales.

And demolished another... still trying to figure out what to do with that one...  :) I'll just feed it to the heifers I think.

I was happy that I'd left enough room between the trailer and the fence to squeeze back there and get that bale I'd knocked off.

It was another busy day. We hauled a load of hay, grained the heifers, caked the cows, brought hay to some open cows (not pregnant cows), picked the kids up from school, got a bull out of the neighbor's pasture, and went to basketball practice.  So much for housework today, but it makes me appreciate the times I do get to relax and take care of some domestic duties. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Starting it out with another load of hay and the regular chores, after that I'm sure something urgent will present itself!

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