February 19, 2015

Bangs Vaccinating Heifers

Cattle that are kept for breeding purposes need to receive a "Bangs" vaccine. It is a vaccine for brucellosis, which causes cows to abort their calves in their last trimester of pregnancy. This was the day we finally arranged for the vet to come do it. The ranch hand brought the heifers in early while I took the kids to school. They get the vaccination, poured with a liquid that controls worms and parasites, receive a numbered ear clip and a number tattoo. This is for later identification and proof they received the Bangs Vaccine.

Here are all my supplies ready to go the day before.

Some helpers in the back keep the ally and chute filled.

This is my favorite heifer getting her tattoo.

All done.

We bought some new heifers from some friends so they needed our brand. O/

 Little helpers make great Ranch Hands. Perfect day to get this job done!

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