February 19, 2015

Cocoa Dusted Almonds

So, I'm trying to eat healthier. I still like my treats though. I once had some cocoa dusted almonds that were delicious so I decided to make some myself. Here's what I came up with. The wonderful thing is that you can control the sweetness and the amount of cocoa you want... or need!

2 1/2 cups almonds (I used raw almonds)
1/4 cup honey
1/2- 2/3 cup cocoa

First you need to get the honey to a runny state. If your honey is crystalized, no big deal! Simply put a small pot of water on the stove and set your container of honey in it. Heat over medium and slowly your honey will come back. Honey won't go bad if not contaminated. Do the same thing to get it a little more runny.

Combine the honey with the almonds. Put the cocoa in a gallon ziplock bag, and add the honey coated almonds. Now shake it up and coat the almonds completely. You can then transfer them to a baking sheet and shake a little more.  That's it! Easy, simple, tasty, healthy snack.

Be sure to put them on display, right where everyone in the house can see them, and see you eating them! It spreads like wildfire!

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