March 14, 2015

Moving the Cows in Closer for Calving

After a seven day vacation it sure was nice to get home to our family and the ranch. We were right back in the saddle today moving the cows in closer for calving. Since we sold the pony this past Fall we're a bit short handed on horses right now. We have three horses we can ride at the moment. We decided to let the very responsible and careful ten year old lag behind on the 4-wheeler with the younger kids. He was also given the camera to be my photographer. The pictures might be a little blurry, but he'll be a professional before ya know it!

See, he was getting creative with it even. Nice shot I thought.

He loves his younger siblings and I found this picture among the rest. Ok, we have cute kids...

Cows are pretty smart animals... in general. You will get a dumb or crazy one every now and then, but most of them remember year after year the schedule and pastures.  Most of these girls knew they were headed in closer to shelter belts to get ready for calving. When it comes time to take the pairs out from those left to calve (pairing out) they will remember the routine from the past few years and head for the gate with their calves trotting at their sides.

Here is our current tack shed situation. It's a mess, especially with kids trying to reach their things over other things and everything not having anywhere particular to go. That's one reason I am so excited to get this barn finished, and it's getting close. The tack room will be awesome!

The electrician was here last week and put in all the lighting. The dusk to dawn light is a bright one! This is a cool barn.

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