April 30, 2015

Building Fences

The past few Fridays we have been helping a neighbor build fence. They've been wanting to put this fence up for some time. We lease their ground in the summer and I am really happy for the fence because that means less electric fence for me, yay! The Ranch Hand, the Little Ranch Hand and I would go over in the morning after taking care of our chores here.

The first thing to do was auger out the holes. Too bad I didn't get a picture of this... oh well. You do some H braces on both ends (sorry again for no picture of what an H brace is, it's for strength.)  Then connect one strand of barb wire from one brace to the other. This gives you a straight line to work off of. Auger out the rest of the holes, then start putting in the posts. These posts were reclaimed cedar posts from where a fire was a couple years ago. I think they are cool and rustic.

So you put the post in, back fill it and tamp it in along the way. One at a time, takes some time.

The Ranch Hand fabricated this nifty reel to put a bundle of wire on. Then you can just drive away and the wire rolls out. Way better than trying to carry it. You start with one wire and staple it into the posts at a specific level, which is determined by carrying around a stick that has been marked. Hold it up to the post every time and you know where each wire goes. Do this with all four wires. Not difficult, but time consuming.

The Little Ranch Hand got his turn.

And so did I.
Fence is done and that takes care of half of my electric fence moving for the summer! 

You always see pictures of Dad's with their little sons walking beside them. Well here's one with Mom and Son. He is so lovey and was just hanging on my arm. He's my right hand man, glad his Dad got this picture of us!


  1. I wish I was as cool as you!
    And I love your little helper!!!

    1. You just need to come out here and experience it with me! This summer for sure!


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