April 21, 2015


Calving is a favorite time of year for us. This is our fourth year of calving our own cows and it has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Every year we look forward to seeing the new calves and how our bulls performed. This year we are finally seeing the results of some good bulls and it has been a lot of fun seeing these little 84S calves. We hope they are going to be great herd builders. Everyone we've talked to has raved about 84S daughters being good mammas and easy fleshing cattle. And since we are still in the beginning of this business we are working on building a good looking, consistent cow herd. This year all our cattle will be bred to an 84S son, and the replacement heifers will be artificially inseminated to 84S himself. 

 This calf is an 84S daughter. Most likely a keeper for replacement.

Some more 84S calves.

 Calves are curious, yet cautious.

 I showed up at lunch time.

We have a cow 957. She keeps giving us heifers, which is great! So let's see if you can follow this family tree of hers we've got going on.
957 gave us a red heifer in 2013, we kept her and bred her last summer. She is now 355 (In the future they will be a _57 number.) She also has a calf this year. We have a replacement heifer from 957 who is still 957 unless she breeds this summer and she will get a new number, probably 457. Now 957 has a new heifer, in the picture below. So the original 957 has three daughters still here and a grand daughter. That's a herd building cow.

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