April 20, 2015

Finally Putting The Barn To Use

With calving season winding down I thought we might not get to use the barn this year. Leave it up to a first calf heifer to prove me wrong. But that's ok, I was excited to get to use the barn and see if our design flowed and made everything easy.

It was late Saturday night when the Ranch Hand and I decided heifer 355 needed her calf pulled. He saddled his horse while I manned the gates. The cow came right in, walked right down the alley, turned into the barn and straight into the head catch without even balking. Something was right, at least for this cow everything seemed to work smoothly.

 Sometimes I really wish I could get some good pictures for you so you can see what it's like to pull a calf. Then sometimes when I'm in the middle of it I think you may not want to see it! Obviously my hands are always busy and pictures don't get taken. Suffice it to say this calf was huge and it took us a lot of pulling and stretching her out to get it here. We thought we were going to have to call the vet, but we did get it out.

 I'd never heard a calf make this whimpering sound it was making, but the mom was right there making her own mothering sounds and cleaning it up. Good moms, that's what we want and 355 is definitely that.

Looks like the barn works!

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