June 25, 2015

Cattle Guard or Auto Gate?

This morning my little crew and I went off to help a neighbor clean out a cattle guard or auto gate. Where I come from they are cattle guards, around here they are called auto gates. Either way makes sense to me, as they are the same thing. Here we are in the Ranch Hand's latest find: a '91 Dodge Cummins. He's been looking for one for a while now and was so happy to find an old timer that was willing to sell it.

First the grates had to be removed with the tractor.

We used the tractor to scoop out as much dirt as possible. The rest was by hand. Good thing I got some hard workers here!

Here it is all cleaned out and ready for the grates to be put back on.

Putting on the first grate.

All done, looks really nice! Now maybe the cows will stay on the correct side.

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