June 15, 2015

Planting the Garden 2015

Gardening is not for the faint of heart I've decided. Nor is it for those who don't like to sweat or get dirty. Having a garden takes a lot of work. That work can be made easier by lots of hands. I try to get the kids involved as much as possible. Not only does it teach them, but it is a big help to me. They are closer to the ground and more limber! 

We started by planting the potatoes. I dug some trenches four to six inches deep and had the kids lay our seeds in there. Most of the seeds were leftover potatoes from last year that we cut up, making sure each had a couple "eyes" on them. They had already started to sprout, but you just rip the sprouts off and they will start over after they are planted. We have kenebec, red, and we thought we'd try some sweet potatoes this year.

We put a fence up for the beans and then planted them on both sides.

We had a bunch of leftover wood from building the barn and they made perfect stakes for us.

Planting peas.

My neighbor who has lived in the Sandhills all her life told me a trick to getting carrots to grow in the sand. Plant them and then place boards over top until they sprout. This keeps them from blowing away or washing away in this super sandy soil.

Someone got a snake it looks like... with the BB gun! Hope you don't like snakes, cuz they all die here.

We got the tomatoes in as well. I'm going to build some cages out of some more of that wood we used for stakes... when I get a chance! Who knows maybe they'll just end up toppling over like last year. But I've got a goal and hopefully I can get some built.

I'm very happy with how my Idaho raspberries are growing. I've really been watering the heck out of them.

For my birthday the Ranch Hand and the kids built me these strawberry boxes and planted some strawberries for me. Actually we all did it together, in the rain none the less. A day we surely won't forget! I was so excited for these!

 I had one child that has been begging for his own garden. Even though I planted more this year, I had some space leftover and let him plant whatever he wanted.

Here is the garden a few weeks later. Most seeds grew, some seeds didn't, and all the weeds grew! That is why I love my roto-tiller. This is a huge job with the root-tiller, but is way overwhelming without.

It is still a lot of work, but what I like to do is use the hoe to pull the weeds out away from the crop. Then getting down on your hands and knees use your fingers to pull the weeds that are growing right in amongst the crop. After that, if you've measured and planted accordingly, you can take the root-tiller right between the rows.

I'm trying something new this year. I'm putting grass clippings around the plants to prevent so many weeds from growing among them. I've seen it done a lot so I thought I'd try it. I also know of someone that uses crumpled up newspaper. That's what I will turn to next if the grass clippings don't work.

There! It took most of the afternoon, but the majority of the weeds are gone and everything is "mulched" with grass clippings. Now I can rest for a while... at least from garden work anyways... like a couple days is all. Keep the hoe handy, it easily thwarts off many a small weed before they get out of hand. A little bit every day goes a long ways. Keep the kids involved. Lots of hands make for light work!

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