July 3, 2015

Honey Do's

It's very nice to be married to someone that knows how to build things. If I can dream it up the Ranch Hand or his dad will and have built it for me. Sometimes they spend a LOT of time "discussing" how they should go about building things, but I'm always impressed and so happy with the end result. I'm not one of those wives with a "honey do" list. The truth is my husband is so busy trying to juggle his day job, the ranch when he gets home, and being our local church leader that I just can't ask him to do a lot of things that take up a lot of time. But when I do, and we can all be involved it is a lot of fun and we end up with something pretty cool. 

This week I decided I wanted to build a rabbit run... you know, a place for the rabbits to get out of their cages, have some space to run when I didn't need to be watching them all day. They just seemed so hot cooped up in their tiny hutches all day. So the Ranch Hand humored me, knowing that it would make me so happy to see our little bunnies scampering about instead of panting in their hot cages all day long. With the kids' help we built two fine rabbit runs off the side of the chicken coop. It was a lot of fun, and only took about two hours.

This was their sad little lives before today.

We put some posts in the ground and dug some trenches to bury some boards so they couldn't dig their way out.

And seeing that they have always lived alone and don't get along we put a divider down the middle. Because we used the chicken coop and the chicken run two walls were already built and it went pretty fast.

Putting up the gates.

Wahoo, this is it!

They were so happy they just went to digging and stayed in the shade all day long.

I know what you're thinking... this can not be a rabbit. We got it from a friend and it is a lion rabbit or something like that. It has a mane... I don't have a clue what it is actually. Yes I do, it is happy!

We made holes in their pens so they can go in and out. I just am a little nervous about leaving them out at night because of wild animals. The dog keeps them away, but the cats do eat wild rabbits. Hopefully they will still be there in the morning. They should go in for the night and then nothing will even know they are out and accessible to meat eaters.

Thanks Ranch Hand Babe, for all you do for me! And yes, this did make me VERY happy!

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