July 15, 2015

Office Views

With the 4-wheeler out of commission for a couple weeks I am left to check cows horseback. Although I do like to ride, it takes a lot more time to check water and the cows than with the 4-wheeler. With no other choice I decided to sit back and enjoy the day because it was what had to be done.
 I took the oldest Cowgirl with me. The first group of cows looked good and their water was running.
  The bulls were happily "working."
  As we walked about checking things I was telling the Cowgirl what things we were looking for. Lameness, injuries, pink eye... my favorite as you know from last year right? Well the Cowgirl spotted a calf with some symptoms. Not sure if it's pink eye or just got poked in the eye. All the other cattle were fine. Calf 205 is on the radar.
 Heading out of the canyon to the next canyon pasture where Monday I discovered a bull that was limping on a back leg and one that appeared to have some scabbing on important... bull parts.
 We checked the fences on the way out. A neighbor has some Corriente cattle on the other side. What a sad deal it would be if a Corriente bull bred our lovely Red Angus cows. :) I guess there are a few Black Angus still in here too.
 While searching the thousand acre canyon pasture we came across some of the cows and one bull. We'd checked them yesterday and hadn't found the lame bull. I got worried that he'd gone down somewhere and we'd never find him. We decided to head up a trail and see if they were out near another mineral tub. We discovered a few more cows but no bull. I wanted to just go home, but something made me keep looking, just blindly really. The Cowgirl took some pictures of wild flowers and we pushed on.
  Then movement caught my eye and in the back of these cows and calves was the missing bull. "Yes, YES!" I said out loud. There he was, moving pretty good as far as I could tell from a distance. We couldn't even catch him at our fast walk and slow trotting. He didn't appear to be favoring that leg anymore. The other day he could've just had something between his hooves or he'd simply bumped it. For now it doesn't appear he has foot rot. And that is a good thing because he is our older, stronger, feistier bull and I don't really want to deal with him.
 The Cowgirl and I followed the creek back up to the trailer. "Take a picture of me trotting in the water!" She says. So I do. Fun ride today. Kinda glad that 4-wheeler is down and out.
 P.S. The rabbits have broken out of their new homes. Luckily they haven't been eaten and stay pretty close. They go into their homes at night. Smarter than I thought.

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