August 1, 2015

Four Hours of ALONE Time!

When I got back from my run this morning the Ranch Hand had all the kids up and dressed, eating breakfast getting ready to go to a fishing tournament. He kissed me goodbye and said, "Enjoy your break." I don't remember the last time this summer I've had a "break" while not working. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!! What will I do with four whole hours alone!!!??

Number 1: Go to the bathroom by myself without anyone talking to me or poking things under the door.

Number 2: Make myself a SWISS CHEESE omelet and 2 pieces of bacon, and yes, I will eat them both. Add a zucchini cookie with frosting for my breakfast dessert- why not?!

Number 3: Take a nice long uninterrupted shower and get ready for the day, like I was still in college... you know, all your make up on at the same time, hair done the way you want it, not because you are out of time or it dries on it's own.

Number 4: Check Facebook and update my blog without a little person telling me what to say or what pictures to use, or "that person is your friend?"

Number 5: Fold laundry and pit cherries while watching an adult movie. Something like "The Count of Monte Christo," or "You've Got Mail." (Hey I have to get something done today.)

Number 6: Nap on my bed with the kitten.

That might be all the time I have, so even though six is a hard number to stop on, I have to be realistic. If there is more time I'll be unloading the dishwasher and canning cherries as they walk through the door.

Writing this has really made me see what a huge part of my life these children are. I love them to pieces and couldn't imagine my life without them. They make up my day, they are my reason for living at this season in my life. Life seasons change all the time. You gotta enjoy what season you are in. You also gotta enjoy the breaks when the come your way, because they make you a better mom and wife too.

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