September 2, 2015

Living the Dream, Working for a Living

It was time to move the cattle off their current pasture to one in the canyon. With the kids in school it was just the Ranch hand, the Little Ranch Hand and I to get it done. We let the Little Ranch Hand try a horse of his own, since he's been very upset about being the only one in the family without "BRAINS."(Reins!) :) He did pretty good.

That afternoon our vet friend came over to ultrasound the heifers to see which ones were bred by the bull, and which ones were bred by artificial insemination, (AI.) He could tell by how many days pregnant they were. They were a little over half AI'd, some bull bred, and a few others were either not bred or not far along enough for the ultrasound to pick up anything. We were happy with that.

  Just a little insert here of a little cowgirl who was once scared to ride. It's amazing what a trusting horse can do for a little girl's confidence! She absolutely LOVES this horse. I love both little blondies together!
 The next morning was Saturday so we moved them to the canyon together as a family.
 That old Hereford cow is still around. She was here when we bought the place. She raises a big calf every year so we see no need to get rid of her. The oldest cows here are 13 this year, that's getting up there, and she's one of them. I don't suppose she'll be around much longer.

 This is one of our neighbors that loves to help us out. He made sure nothing squeaked back or got behind! He and his wife are surregate grandparents for our kids.
 Heading home after they were happy in their new canyon home. Now is the time calves really start to put on the weight.
 Another little insert here of a very patient horse. This one might just make the cut to handle our Little Ranch Hand. The reins are tied in a knot, but that doesn't stop him from trying to tie him up while it yanks from the other side of the bit. Patient horse, patient horse...!
 Here the cows are a few days after we'd moved them, looking good.
 We turned on the windmill in the next pasture we'll be going into in a few weeks. The weeds are high!
 We also checked the fences. The Little Ranch Hand has to wait sometimes while I check steep areas.
 He's getting good at getting the gates, evens ones with locks.
 The Ranch Hand often brings home things from when he's out selling insurance. This is the latest. A pup.... I'm not too thrilled at the idea, but the kids are. Hopefully he will come in handy in the steep canyons and trees. He can chase the cows out instead of me!

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