September 10, 2015

Practical Jokers

It was time to get some salt and mineral out to the cows yesterday so the Little Ranch Hand and I loaded up the 4-wheeler and headed down the road to the canyon pastures where all the cows were out of salt and mineral. Can't get that kid to wear pants when it's hot out! This time of year we really should because I've noticed I stumble upon rattle snakes more often at the end of summer and early fall.

And well, that's exactly what happened. Lying in the road was a rattle snake, so I ran over him to stun him a bit so he wouldn't slither away. The bottom plastic protective casing where your feet go is off the bottom of my 4-wheeler so I was a little worried about the kiddo's bare legs. I have never killed a rattle snake with a  shovel, always with a vehicle or a .22. But I knew that was my only option. I just don't even want to get a shovel length away from those things! I smacked it with the flat side of the shovel, then chopped it's head off with the sharp side. I just know you wanted all those descriptive facts right? Oh, then I cut off the rattles, as I'm collecting them to know how many I've killed since we've lived here. I'll have go back and count. This is number four this year. If I guessed it would be around twelve or so. We've lived here four years now. You are suppose to bury the head because that's where the venom is, so I did. Lovely. I hate seeing snakes, but this is the best way.

The cows have started to really spread out, looking for the best feed as the summer wears into fall. We only saw a few of them here and there.

We got all the salt and mineral out to them and since it was hot we decided most of the cows were hanging out in the shade, so we would too. We headed back down the canyon and I remembered the Ranch Hand telling me of a "scary thing" in the old run down root cellar in the bottom of the canyon. So we drove down there to check it out. It's scary enough as it is so we had to see for ourselves!

Yes! That is scary! And it isn't even Halloween yet. Oh I forgot, after Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all ok to start decorating for. I don't think this was for Halloween though. I think the owners we lease from were playing a practical joke on us. Pretty good. I have one I've wanted to play one on them too.... but I can't seem to get my hands on a life size veloceraptor I saw outside a local garden nursery one day.... Well, if you know me I can be pretty good at practical jokes. Looks like I better think this one over and play off of theirs. Stay tuned!!!!

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