October 12, 2015

Calling Them In

As the Fall season continues the grass gets thinner and the cows start to spread out. Soon it will be time to move them to their last pasture before we bring them home. This thousand acre pasture with a deep canyon and thick trees can be hard to pull cattle out of.  So every fall a couple weeks before it's time to move them we bring out the cake truck, use the siren to call them, and feed them some cake. Cake is a compressed protein supplement the cows enjoy. Then the day we move them they are all trained to come to the siren and we can move them to the next pasture without too many problems. This is the best way to ensure we get them all out for weaning and selling calves.

You can see them coming in the distance.

Waiting for others to come they crowd the truck.
 This red cow is a second year calver- she's had two calves. She is in good shape for a young cow.

 Here is our pet 961! We have a couple like this.
 Snacking on cake! The calves haven't ever had cake before so they don't know what to do, but they will catch on soon enough.
 It was a windy day and not all of them showed up so I went down in the canyon to see if I could call in a few more. Fifteen more down there. I'm very happy with how these cows and calves are looking this time of year.
 Here's a replacement heifer prospect. She looks good and is from an 84S bull. I've talked about him in earlier posts. Next year all our calves will be bred in the 84S line. Most will be bred by 84S sons, but we artificially inseminated our heifers with 84S himself. Can't wait!!!   :)
 I just wanted to show you the difference in breeding here on the next two pictures. This steer looks fine. He's tall and long. But he's not near as stocky as the steer in the next picture. Granted the second one is a month older, but the difference isn't size, it's the muscle mass.
This one is bred 84S and you can see how much thicker his body is compared to the first one. Some of this may have to do with milk from the cow, but both are about the same size. Loving our 84S calves!

 Instead of moving our practical joker's skeleton we put a sign up.  Looks fun to me! I did the first letter in black, and well, then the kids got to it with a cute colorful assortment. I don't know how scary pink is...!

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather, it will soon be cold!

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