December 1, 2015

Snow Potential

 When it comes to snow it's all about perspective and potential. Like being able to bury your cranky older sister and sitting on her, making it impossible for her to get up and boss you around.

If it's going to be winter, and we all know it's part of the seasons, then it might as well snow since the weather will be cold. So you can look at snow as this pain that has to be moved around and takes a lot of effort before you can go anywhere, that causes you to be late, makes you cold or puts your vehicle in the ditch. Of course you can find the negative side to anything and everything. But once you turn your attitude around you will see that snow is very wonderful, glorious, and AWESOME! For example... after it is shoveled and you no longer have to do your scheduled, regimented work out for the day, you can have a little fun. There's building a snowman... ya most think that's the end of the fun. Well have you ever built a snow fort and had a snowball fight with your siblings and friends? Ok, so maybe you have, but have you gone sledding? Yes you have. Skiing, snowboarding... Have you sledded behind a 4-wheeler or snowmobile? Of course! How about SKIING behind your machine? It's a lot like water skiing without the water enema, or the threat of drowning. King of the sled or tube, where you drive around and push everyone else off. Or king of the hill. Build an igloo.  The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you do these couple of things to make you feel better about snow: Number 1, dress warmer. Yes it will make a difference. No one likes to be cold! You'll be amazed at how that one thing will change the way you look at snow. Number 2, plan extra time to get where you are going. Time for your vehicle to warm up, time to scrape ice if you need to. Time to drive slower so you don't end up in the ditch. Number 3, pretend you are a kid again. You are never too old to play in the snow. Go do something you used to do as a kid! The wonders it will do for your soul!

With that lecture behind us I'll show you what we did today. School was cancelled so after shoveling snow and feeding animals we tied the sleds behind the 4-wheeler. I made a track around the place going over bumps and hills, around corners and trees. At first it was fun for the kids because they got plastered in snow and kept falling off. Then it was even more fun because the track got packed in and the sleds really started to cruise and whip around corners! The best part about this was that I found myself laughing so hard just like when I was a kid. I was reminded of and taken back to when my sibling and cousins and I did the exact same thing. Funny how the same scenarios back then are just repeated with different kids! It was a blast.
  I could only pull two kids at a time so the other two would wait, usually with a snowball!

 The heifers were our audience.

We came in for a hot lunch, and to dry our things off. I have a hunch it won't be for very long. That's ok with me. All four kids home can sometimes lead to a messy house, but with the snow only here for a couple days you can bet we will be out in it. When my kids are grown and I am an old lady I will be begging the Ranch Hand to come out and play in the snow with me!


  1. That was the best snow day EVER.

  2. Oh the memories! You look like you have more snow then we do!!


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