April 8, 2016

Prolapsed Uterus

If you are at all squeamish, do not proceed!

I never fails that things go wrong when the Ranch Hand is away protecting people from the financial ruins of cancer. Luckily today he was here when a first calf heifer had a prolapsed uterus. That's when the uterus comes out of the cow after the calf is born. It is not very common, but does happen. It is usually caused from severe straining during calving. Since we've never dealt with it before we called the vet.

 The first thing he did was give her an epidural, which I completely approved of. Poor Mama! After washing off the uterus and placing a tarp under it to keep it clean, the vet poured sugar all over it. Yes, the same sugar you make cookies and cakes with.... it pulls the water out, shrinking the uterus so it is easier to put back inside. POOR THING!!!! The little bumps all over it are called cotyledons. They are where the nutrients transfer to the placenta during gestation.
 After a couple unsuccessful tries we had to get the tractor to lift her hind legs up so the vet could get  it back inside.
 Then he sewed her up so as to keep the uterus from falling out. POOR POOR THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Then we got her up into sitting position she could get her wits about her and take an IV.
 IV with Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Potassium, and another one with glucose.

 She was such a sweetheart and wanted to be a mom to her struggling calf that had been stepped on during the ordeal before we got there.  A few braces on it's legs and hopefully it will come out of it.

Without help the cow and calf would never have survived. Making a difference in the world, that's what ranchers do every day.

Did I mention in the middle of this we had to pull a different calf? They were doing fine in the barn. Just another day on the Orton Ranch!

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  1. Sugar, huh? How interesting. We'll have to try that next time. Glad Daniel was there to help.


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