May 13, 2016

Restroom Confusion

I've been known to have an occasionally strong opinion. Maybe about religion, politics, real food... Recently I have sat back in my tractor while listening to the news concerning gender identity and decided to stay out of this one. But this morning while fixing breakfast for my family I heard come over the local radio news that President Obama now says that all public schools must allow people to use which ever restroom or locker room they "identify with." Don't believe me? Google it.

Well this set me on fire. And you know what happens when Summer gets set on fire. She sets the keys on the computer on fire and whips out her opinion quicker than a flash. Now many of you  know I've had squalls over public school already, but our government, namely the President is stepping over the bounds of his office. Seriously, doesn't he have something bigger to fix, like ISIS?

Petty, the whole issue is petty. When the scriptures talk about wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think the modern day translation is whining and complaining. People should be appreciative of the fact that a restroom is provided at no extra cost to them. The building itself, the facilities, toilet paper, soap and water, paper towels. This is all FREE to the public. No one is even there to see how much paper or soap one uses. Why the complaining?

Too easily offended. How about me? I identify as a "Cowgirl." Why don't the restrooms signs have cowboy hats on them? What? You are a vegetarian, or a vegan? That's it. You are a "meat-a-phobe." I want my own bathroom.

Yet I have a solution for this problem. Instead of stick figures of people with pants or a dress, (doesn't necessarily mean boy or girl, I wear pants every day....) Pictures of the different excretory systems. Put that on the door. After all isn't that what a public restroom is for? Why do people need "rights" in this area of their life? Go in the bathroom that pertains to your physical excretory anatomy, do your business and leave. Maybe there just shouldn't be public restrooms at all. Quit whining about your rights to use specific bathrooms! If you have a problem with that then hold it till you get home.

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