July 12, 2016

Choosing Hard Over Easy

Apparently we like to do hard things around here. This year we are attempting to do some rotational grazing in four different canyon pastures. This will give the grass in each pasture time to rest, hopefully increasing our stocking rates. Getting cattle out of the canyons to move to the next pasture is... stressful... frustrating... and very hard to do. However I'm happy to announce that we made it through our first rotation! With enough mishaps to give us grey hair! BUT here we are in a brand new pasture we've never rented, trying to figure out where everything is and fixing a few things here and there.

First on the list is this yummy water tank...! Before we moved the cattle in it had this tall bog grass growing in it, then some heifers and calves got stuck in there and tore it all to shreds, so we decided to clean it out and fix the fence they broke that was meant to keep them out.

This tank is so deceiving. It looks only a foot deep, yet when I stepped in, it went almost to my waist. No wonder the ranch hand went for a swim the other day when he fell in trying to get the cattle out! The little kids put their swim suits on and braved the water. While the older kids used rakes, although one did end up in with his clothes on!

 Pure joy... boys and mud!

 Our fix is working, although my camera lady didn't get the finished project. Since losing my camera again I am reduced to borrowing her iPod. Of course SHE must take the pics. So these are all her doing. I made her ride on top of the salt and mineral tub while we rode around searching for half an hour for the solar water tank. Not an easy thing to find in a new pasture. And here I thought she was having fun, this pic shows otherwise.

 I made her hike a little.

 Aha! Finally we found it. Brand new, never been drank out of by cattle. We put out some salt and mineral there.

 Some more salt and mineral by the windmill and we called it a day. Can't get enough of those red cows! Looking good this year, with plenty of rainfall the grass is tall, calves are growing and cows are putting on weight.

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