August 1, 2016

Mother Nature Tries to Send Us Packing

 The last two times we've gone out of town some sort of disaster occurred. This time our area got 10 inches of rain in 4 days, resulting in flooded and destroyed roads and fences, and completely changed the creek bed. These pictures don't do the damage justice.

Heading our to our canyon pasture we first discovered the road damage. But with 4 wheel drive you can get around almost anything.
 Then while checking the cows we were swallowed up by this mud puddle that looked harmless in the middle of the trail.
 All the fences that crossed the creek were completely ripped out. You can see all the grass and trees that were covered with water. This was a wide swath of water that came through here. That sand bar in the distance never existed before.
 This used to be a narrow dried up sandy creek bed. Now its nearly 5 times the original size. This is pure sand.
 You can see how deep it was as it raged down the canyon, tearing out trees along the way and carving a new dry creek bed we used to drive down.
  Farther down the creek we were shocked to see where a lazy windy creek around 15 feet wide was now a river.

 On top of the broken fences and change in geography we found a bull with a broken tool... to put it nicely. We could even handle that, as this was the next bull to replace, but then we found something that made us stop and think this was too much for one day!
 Four of our best cows struck by lightening under the same tree. Although the tree suffered no damage! Two of them were 7 and 8 years old and raised some of our best calves every year. One of those was really friendly and would eat cake from your hand. Another was a first calf heifer, proving she would be a good cow by the size of calf she'd been raising. The fourth was my FAVORITE replacement heifer I was SO looking forward to seeing develop into a cow. All were bred by top bulls and had unborn calves. You just can't compete with mother nature. She  always wins and you decide if you want to stay in the game or not.

While we were gone our neighbor sent us a few photos of our drive way and pastures near the home place. They were lakes, the water was up past the first wire on four wire fences.

Crazy. I guess we have to stay home to keep thing stable in Nebraska these days! Lots of work to be done- orphan calves to get home, bull to get out and to the sale barn and then there's the fence. Looks like we'll be building fence... again. 

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