August 4, 2016

Repairing Flood Damages

 With the cows out of grass in their pasture we had to get right to work fixing the fences that the flood water tore out so we could move them. Thank goodness the kids have been working for someone building fence this summer and he was willing to help me out while the Ranch Hand was saving other farmers and ranchers from the financially destructive side of cancer. He felt so bad leaving for work Monday, knowing full well all the projects for the week. At least he knows it will get done, or mostly done. :) I do what I can. I'm just grateful I had an experienced fencer to show me how to fix something like this. Now I think I could get the other crossings on my own.

 One wooden post in solid ground.
 The boys twisting in a couple of "anchors" to hold wires down without a post. They are usually screwed into the ground or they are something heavy buried deep under the ground. Which brings me to something I've been dying to tell you. Sometimes these anchors are also called "dead mans" I was out walking fence line checking fence sometime this summer and a few of them had been pulled up from the upward pressure on the wire. If you were someone listening to conversations between ranchers you'd wonder what the heck we were talking about. When the Ranch Hand asked how the fence was I said it was fine, but that a couple of dead mans had been pulled out.... Ok, I thought that sounded silly! Gross maybe... ranch lingo!
 Ok, I let them do all the water work, crossing the wires to the other side. Nice of me to let them cool off, I know. Actually it was very hot and humid that day I kept dipping my hat in the water.
 Two buddies cooling off. I hope they stay friends forever.
 Part of this fence is a bluff. Cows could push through it if they really wanted to. But with the deep water and steep sides, that's unlikely.
 Hooray for fixed fences!
I was busy trying to get cows in and missed most of this fence, but it looked great to me. This river used to be a pretty little, windy stream. Huge sandbar now.

I was able to call the cows in but had a heck of a time catching the ones I wanted. Since the fence was done our friend helped us out by catching the three orphan calves who lost their moms in a lightening storm. We just missed getting the injured bull, but it's almost time to take the bulls out of the herd and we can get him later.

The cows are happy to be out eating fresh grass again. The canyons are pretty, but they sure are a lot of work.

My three new babies. And the cow we are fattening in the back.  And my finger in the picture... sorry about that!

I got everything done that HAD to be done this week. The Ranch Hand will be home tomorrow and maybe, just maybe there will be a tiny bit of time for us to relax, maybe. :)

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