October 4, 2016

The Nebraska Amazon

Here it is Fall. Nearly time to bring the cows home from Summer pasture, and I'm still fixing fences.
There is one last pasture in our rotation, and we are about a week away from putting the cows in there. The heavy rain and flood water washed fences out of that pasture too, so someone needed to fix them... Oh me, me! Pick me!

Last Spring the Ranch Hand dropped of some wire panels to fix this ravine. We got busy. Now the panels were buried somewhere in here. You see the long yellow patch of grass in the middle of the picture and the tiny bit of green above it on the right side? That's where they were, last place I checked after walking through all this tall, wet grass.

And after discovering a porcupine hiding in these weeds I wasn't too enthusiastic about it. I know you can't see it, but I did and I didn't think a face full of quills was worth a closer look.

There were the panels, grown over with grass and it took quite a bit of work to get them out.

I did get the fence repaired.

But only after fighting off "stick tights," (Tiny burs that stick to you.)

Poison Ivy,

Spiny bushes and thistles,

And stinging nettles.

All while trying to focus while being surrounded by wild marijuana. I didn't post a pic because I don't want the authorities thinking I run a high fencing crew... (Me and the dog.) Plus I'd have phone calls coming in from all across Colorado for free help to fix my fence.

I used these tools and my bare hands to complete this high tech job. No pun intended. Ok I was wearing leather gloves too...

I hiked out unscathed but Badger didn't. Apparently there were cockle burs in there too.

I was zooming home on the 4-wheeler when my pocket started vibrating. Of course it was my phone with a message from the Ranch Hand telling me there was another spot I needed to check. Of course I turned around and checked it. Of course it was ripped up by the flood waters too.

Of course I fixed it like a good fencer lady would. Even... though... you can... hardly see it... in this pic.

Finally it was time to head home. Badger got into some bad stick tights on this side of the canyon. He didn't care for me curry combing them out either.

We peeked in on the cows on our way through.

Nothing like completing a task without too much opposition.

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