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Everyone has a dream in life. Some have huge dreams that seem unreachable. We have a dream like that. Until just a few years ago we spent all our time living on and working on other people's ranches. We worked on six different ranches in three different states. This wasn't working for our family.  But who can just up and buy a ranch, cattle, equipment, feed, a home, and make it work? Well, we are doing it. It has taken lots of hard work, lots of sacrifice, and it's not even completely achieved. We started out with twenty-two cows. Then we upped it to sixty-nine. We now have over a hundred cows. We are well on our way to owning a big ranch. How are we doing this? My husband sells cancer, heart attack and stroke insurance to support the ranch. The kids and I run the ranch a lot of the time. In just a few short years he can retire and we can ranch together full time. "Sacrifice is giving up something good, for something better."  To read our full story click  HERE

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