This is Scout. He is an eight year old gelding Quarter Horse out of "Snippy" and "Driftwood" backgrounds. He is our biggest, stoutest horse. He is very dependable, once you catch him... but it's easier with a bucket of grain! When I have a cow that needs brought into the corrals, or moved to a different pasture, this is the horse I want to use. He is a cutting son of a gun. That means if a cow tries to sneak off, he's so fast and can turn on a dime, there's no getting past him, and I mean it. He's nearly thrown me a couple of times because he turns so sharp! He's  even brought a few cows into the corrals to pull calves in the dark. He's good. His only weakness is that he is shy on his right side. He's been in a few mishaps and get's a little jumpy on that side. But if you know it, you work around it and he's great. 

This is Salty, or Silver, or The White Horse, who knows what his name is, but he's been called a lot of things- including a good horse. He is a thirteen year old gelding Quarter Horse. This horse is the one I call on when I'm out doctoring cows in the pasture. He's a good heeling horse and get's me in the right position to throw my rope. After I've caught and dallied he knows just what to do to keep the rope tight. His only down fall is he doesn't like anything under his belly or around his legs. He'll blow up and jump around until it's off. You can read about one experience HERE. All around a good horse and I'd trust anyone on him.

Meet Rawhide. A six year old mare, Quarter Horse out of "Driftwood" and "High Rolling Roany" bloodlines. Rawhide is the sweetest thing you've ever seen. Wouldn't hurt a fly, never bucked in her life. She's got a sweet spot for little kids and loves for them to pet her face. Every horse does have a weakness unfortunately, and hers is just that she doesn't have a ton of get up and go, and is a little less responsive than some of the others. That's why she's a perfect kids horse. She's been roped off of and doctored from. She can be trusted in any situation.

This is Rowdy, name fit's him perfect. He's a 5 year old Shetland Pony out of.... I have no idea. He's been a good investment for our kids. This little pony needed some work when we got him, but now with the right person riding him, he'll go anywhere and do anything. His downfall really isn't his fault. We put the kids on him that don't really know how to ride, but can stay on. So he get's jerked around a little bit. And his back is a little round so we've had to try different things with the saddle blanket to keep the saddle from slipping. Good little fella and we like him.

This is our little yearling. He is related to both Scout and Rawhide. We like to get our horses from Pierson Quarter Horses out of Brusset Montana. We bought both this one and Rawhide sight unseen. We trust the quality of these horses. He is our "Man From Snowy River" horse. He is gentle and sweet right now. We hope he is as sweet as Rawhide and as athletic as Scout. Stick around and you'll find out with us!


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